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Achieving Precision and Efficiency with HUAHUA’s Automatic Bander Machine

HUAHUA presents the HH-608RLK-Laser300, a state-of-the-art automatic bander machine designed to deliver precision and efficiency in edge banding operations. With its double rails end cutting unit, capable of quickly cutting front and rear edge banding tape, and its focus on motor protection to enhance durability, the HH-608RLK-Laser300 offers woodworking businesses a reliable and high-performance solution for their edge banding needs.

Double Rails End Cutting Unit for High-Precision Results

The HH-608RLK-Laser300 automatic bander machine by HUAHUA features a double rails end cutting unit, designed to achieve high precision and efficiency. Equipped with two motors that move up and down on sliding rails, this unit enables quick cutting of the front and rear edge banding tape. The use of two matched saw blades (Z 30 D-104 x 22 x 3.2 mm) ensures accurate and efficient cutting, resulting in a flawless finish. With this cutting-edge unit, woodworking businesses can achieve exceptional precision in their edge banding processes, enhancing the overall quality of their products.

Motor Protection for Enhanced Durability

HUAHUA’s HH-608RLK-Laser300 automatic bander machine prioritizes motor protection to ensure long-lasting performance. The machine is designed to prevent the edge banding wire fromentering the buffing motor and the conveying motor, significantly improving the service life of the motor. By safeguarding the motor against potential damage, HUAHUA ensures that the HH-608RLK-Laser300 operates reliably and efficiently over an extended period. Woodworking businesses can experience fewer disruptions and maintenance requirements, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings.

Versatile and Convenient Operation

The HH-608RLK-Laser300 offers operators the convenience of multi-purpose functionality and flexible operation. With its multi-purpose laser edge sealing/EVA/PUR device and fast sol, the machine allows for seamless one-key switching between different edge banding processes. Whether it’s laser edge sealing, EVA glue, or PUR glue, the HH-608RLK-Laser300 adapts effortlessly to meet specific requirements. This flexibility eliminates the need for separate machines, saving space and streamlining operations. Woodworking businesses can benefit from the convenience and efficiency offered by the HH-608RLK-Laser300, optimizing their edge banding processes.


HUAHUA’s HH-608RLK-Laser300 automatic bander machine is an indispensable tool for woodworking businesses seeking precision and efficiency in their edge banding operations. With its double rails end cutting unit, the machine delivers high precision results, ensuring flawless edge banding. The focus on motor protection enhances durability, prolonging the service life of the motor and reducing maintenance costs. Additionally, the machine’s versatile and convenient operation, enabled by the multi-purpose laser edge sealing/EVA/PUR device and fast sol, offers flexibility and efficiency. Upgrade your edge banding processes with the HH-608RLK-Laser300 and experience the benefits of precision, efficiency, and reliability. HUAHUA’s automatic bander machine is the ultimate solution for achieving superior edge banding results.

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