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Enhance Your Active Lifestyle with JINGHAO’s JH-TW40 In-Ear Neckband Smart Hearing Aids

JINGHAO presents the JH-TW40 In-Ear Neckband Smart Hearing Aids, a remarkable combination of advanced digital ear technology and the convenience of a neckband design. These smart hearing aids offer discreet in-ear placement while providing additional functionality and control through the comfortable neckband. With features such as all-day comfort, long battery life, and flexible neckband, the JH-TW40 In-Ear Neckband Smart Hearing Aids enhances the auditory experience for individuals on the go. Let’s explore the key features and advantages of JINGHAO’s neckband hearing aids.

Designed for an Active Lifestyle

The JH-TW40 In-Ear Neckband Smart Hearing Aids are designed to cater to individuals with active lifestyles. With an extended battery life, wearers can enjoy prolonged usage without frequent recharging. The ultra-lightweight design ensures comfort during extended wear, making the JH-TW40 In-Ear Neckband Smart Hearing Aids an ideal training partner for active individuals seeking uninterrupted auditory support throughout their day.

All-Day Comfort

JINGHAO prioritizes the comfort of its users, and the hearing aids are no exception. The magnetic design and skin-friendly silicone cover provide a unique combination of flexibility and durability. The magnetic connection enables easy removal and placement of the hearing aids, while the silicone cover ensures a comfortable fit in the ear canal. This all-day comfort ensures wearers enjoy their auditory experience without discomfort or irritation.

Flexible Neckband for Easy Storage and Ergonomic Fit

The neckband hearing aid features a flexible neckband that offers multiple benefits. The neckband design allows users to conveniently store the hearing aids inside a bag or backpack when not in use, ensuring they are readily accessible when needed. Additionally, the ergonomic fit of the neckband ensures a secure and comfortable placement around the neck, providing stability and ease of use.


JINGHAO’s JH-TW40 In-Ear Neckband Smart Hearing Aids combines advanced digital ear technology with the convenience of a flexible neckband design. With all-day comfort, extended battery life, and an ergonomic fit, these neckband hearing aids are tailored to complement an active lifestyle. Experience the convenience and enhanced auditory support of JINGHAO’s JH-TW40 In-Ear Neckband Smart Hearing Aids, and embrace the freedom to engage in your daily activities while staying connected to the world of sound around you.

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