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Illuminate Your Stage with Light Sky’s Spot Moving Head – Super Scope Pro

With its robust engineering plastic housing and precise dimensions, the Super Scope Pro offers durability and easy installation. Light Sky’s Super Scope Pro is the ultimate lighting solution for concerts, theaters, and any event that demands professional-grade spot lighting. Experience the brilliance and versatility of Light Sky‘s Super Scope Pro and take your stage productions to new heights.

Compact Size and Lightweight Design

The Super Scope Pro features a compact and lightweight design without compromising on performance. With dimensions of 442 x 262 x 648mm, it offers a perfect balance between portability and functionality. The engineering plastic PA66 housing ensures durability while keeping the weight at a manageable level. With a net weight of 26.3kg per unit, the Super Scope Pro is easy to transport and install. The carton dimensions of 490 x 365 x 755mm make it convenient for storage and shipping. For added protection and convenience, the Super Scope Pro can be stored in a fly case with dimensions of 730 x 575 x 850mm and a total weight of 95.3kg (2 in 1).

Enhanced Safety and Environmental Specifications

Light Sky’s Super Scope Pro adheres to high safety and environmental standards. With an IP rating of IP20, it offers protection against solid objects and is suitable for indoor use. The working environment temperature range of 0℃ to 40℃ ensures optimal performance in various conditions. The maximum surface temperature of the lamp body is limited to 80°C, guaranteeing safe operation. The maximum lamp current is specified as 5.2A/110V and 2.6A/220V, ensuring efficient power usage. The Super Scope Pro is also compatible with optional accessories such as the FAST LOCK, providing additional convenience and flexibility in setup and operation.


Light Sky’s Super Scope Pro Spot Moving Head is the ideal lighting solution for professionals in the entertainment industry. With its compact size, lightweight design, and durable housing, the Super Scope Pro offers convenience without compromising on performance. Whether you’re organizing a concert, setting up a theater production, or enhancing the ambiance of an event, the Super Scope Pro delivers exceptional lighting effects and versatility. With its compliance with industry standards, certifications, and environmental directives, it ensures safety and reliability. Choose Light Sky’s Super Scope Pro and let your stage shine with stunning spot lighting effects.

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