Introducing Benco Mobile: A Global Brand Providing Quality and Reliability

When it comes to mobile phones, practicality is key. Consumers seek quality, durability, and honest prices. Enter Benco – a global mobile phone and accessories brand that aims to provide just that.


Owned by Inone Technology, Benco has been developing, manufacturing, and selling mobile phones in over 28 countries and regions for over a decade. With more than 60 million satisfied users since 2009, Benco prides itself on providing reliable, quality products and services to consumers worldwide.

Benco Products

Benco offers both smartphones and feature phones, giving consumers options that fit their needs. Their smartphones consist of three major product lines including the V Series, Y Series, and iris Series. For those looking for functional machines, Benco mobile includes the P series, E series, and C series.

Benco’s Commitment

Benco promises more than just quality products – they’re committed to providing young consumers with fun user experiences and interesting products. As an independent mobile phone brand of Inone Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., Benco invests millions of yuan annually in research and development. This allows them to bring fresh and unique offerings to the market.

Choosing Benco

In a world full of endless choices, choosing a reliable, quality mobile phone brand can be overwhelming. Make it simple by choosing Benco. With a complete production and sales supply chain and products available in over 28 countries worldwide, Benco offers a wide selection of quality mobile devices at honest prices.

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