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Tackling Defects in Extruded Products with Boyu Extruder

In the dynamic realm of manufacturing, achieving perfection in extruded products, where defects in extruded products can be a delicate dance. Defects, like moisture absorption and trapped air, often stealthily infiltrate the production process, leaving their mark on the final output. Enter Boyu Extruder, a beacon of precision and innovation, ready to redefine the standards of excellence in the world of extrusion, addressing the challenges posed by defects in extruded products.

Confronting Moisture Absorption

Moisture absorption, a common nemesis in extrusion, creates a visual tapestry of dotted lines, long bubbles, and pits on the surface of products. The culprit? An elevated moisture level, even as low as 0.1%, can lead to these aesthetic nightmares. However, with Boyu Extruder, the battle against moisture absorption is a triumph. Through meticulous engineering and cutting-edge technology, Boyu Extruder ensures that the moisture levels are maintained well below the threshold where visual imperfections arise. Say goodbye to the haunting pattern of defects and welcome a new era of flawlessness in extruded products.

Mastering Trapped Air

Trapped air, another adversary in the world of extrusion, manifests as bubbles and pits on the material surface. This defect often sneaks in when the machinery operates at high speeds, allowing air to infiltrate the process. Boyu Extruder, with its avant-garde design, stands as the vanguard against trapped air. Operating seamlessly at elevated speeds, the extruder minimizes the risk of air interference, ensuring a smooth and defect-free surface on the extruded products. Say farewell to the unwanted bubbles and pits, ushering in a new era of precision in manufacturing.


Defying the norms and setting new benchmarks, Boyu Extruder emerges as the panacea for defects in extruded products. Moisture absorption and trapped air are not just challenges; they are opportunities for Boyu Extruder to showcase its prowess. With a commitment to perfection and an arsenal of technological marvels, Boyu Extruder invites manufacturers to embark on a journey where defects are relics of the past. Elevate your extrusion game with Boyu, where every product is a testament to precision, quality, and innovation.

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