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Universal Laptop Power Supply MVP P1200 – Unleashing Reliable Performance and Efficiency

When it comes to powering your laptop, reliability and efficiency are key. Huntkey, a leading brand in power solutions, proudly introduces the universal laptop power supply MVP P1200. With its impressive specifications and advanced features, the MVP P1200 offers unparalleled advantages for users seeking a high-performance power solution.

Powerful Performance and Compatibility

With a rated power of 1200W, the MVP P1200 provides robust power delivery to meet the demands of even the most resource-intensive laptops. Designed with ATX3.0 and PCIe5.0 readiness, this power supply ensures compatibility with a wide range of laptop models, enabling seamless performance.

Equipped with an A-PFC/100-240V~ power factor correction type, the universal laptop power supply MVP P1200 guarantees stable voltage output, regardless of the varying input voltage. This feature ensures reliable and consistent power supply, minimizing any potential disruptions during critical tasks or high-performance usage.

Enhanced Efficiency and Cooling

The MVP P1200 boasts an energy rating of 80 Plus Platinum, signifying its exceptional energy efficiency and reduced power consumption. This not only translates to cost savings but also contributes to a greener environment. The advanced topology structure of LLC+SR+DC-DC further enhances efficiency, reducing energy waste and optimizing power conversion.

Additional connectors such as the mainboard connector (20+4P), processor connector ((4+4-4+4)P*2), GPU connectors (6+2-6+2)P*2 and 12VHPWR*1, SATA ports, and Big 4PIN slots offer seamless connectivity to various laptop components, enabling enhanced versatility for users.


For individuals seeking a reliable and high-performance power supply for their laptops, the universal laptop power supply MVP P1200 from Huntkey is the ultimate solution. With its powerful performance, compatibility with various models, energy efficiency, and effective cooling mechanisms, the MVP P1200 ensures optimal laptop performance and reliability. Trust in Huntkey’s commitment to delivering excellence and elevate your laptop experience to new heights with the MVP P1200.

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