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Unleash Performance and Durability with Techking’s Superior Earthmoving Tyres

Techking Tires Limited, a premier mining and construction tyre brand, is committed to producing great earthmoving tyres that are tailored to specific applications and provide unrivaled performance and longevity. Techking strives to be at the forefront of the market by focusing on client satisfaction and innovation. In this post, we’ll look at the remarkable qualities of Techking’s earthmoving tyres, the SUPER ADT, and how they may transform your earthmoving operations.

Customized Compound Solutions for Different Conditions:

Techking’s SUPER ADT earthmoving tyre is engineered with customized compound solutions to tackle various road conditions. With the CS compound, designed for soft road conditions, the C1 compound for rocky road conditions, and the C2 compound for extreme road conditions, these tyres deliver optimal performance and grip, ensuring superior traction and stability. By choosing the SUPER ADT tyre, you can confidently navigate diverse terrains and experience enhanced productivity in your earthmoving operations.

+30% Service Life Improvement for Extended Performance:

Techking’s SUPER ADT earthmoving tyre offers a remarkable service life improvement, providing you with increased durability and cost-effectiveness. With its +11% wider tread section and +17% deeper original tread depth, this tyre offers superior wear resistance and enhanced load-carrying capacity. By selecting the SUPER ADT tyre, you can optimize your equipment’s performance while reducing downtime and maintenance costs, ultimately improving your operational efficiency.

Performance Guarantee for Unmatched Reliability:

Techking’s SUPER ADT earthmoving tyre comes with a performance guarantee, ensuring that you can rely on its exceptional quality and reliability. These tyres undergo rigorous testing and are designed to meet the demanding requirements of earthmoving applications. With Techking’s commitment to customer satisfaction and product excellence, you can trust the SUPER ADT tyres to consistently deliver outstanding performance, allowing you to tackle even the toughest earthmoving tasks with ease.


Techking’s SUPER ADT earthmoving tyres are a game-changer in the industry, offering customized compound solutions, extended service life, and unmatched reliability. With their tailored compounds for different road conditions, these tyres ensure optimal performance and stability. The +30% service life improvement, thanks to the wider tread section and deeper original tread depth, enhances durability and cost-effectiveness. Trust Techking’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction to elevate the performance and efficiency of your earthmoving operations. Choose Techking’s earthmoving tyres for superior traction, extended service life, and unmatched reliability in diverse earthmoving applications.

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