What is Var Technology? Situations where you need to use Var According to New88

What is Var technology? How does the mechanism work? What situations are commonly applied in football? These are questions that many people are interested in and searching for about this technology. To help you find the exact answer to your question, in the following article Link vào New88 will summarize the details. Let’s explore together.

What are some interesting facts about Var technology?

If you regularly watch world-class matches, you are probably very familiar with this technology. Below, New88 will summarize relevant information to help card members easily understand:

Overview of Var

What is Var technology? This is the acronym for Video Assistant Referee or also referred to by many as “Video Assistant Referee”. Simply put, Var is a technology that records the entire scene of the match from many angles for the referee to review in controversial situations.

Nowadays, Var is becoming more and more popular and is applied in many sports matches, especially football. This is a great tool to help ensure absolute fairness for all parties involved and increase the attractiveness of the confrontation.

What is the time when Var technology appeared?

According to information collected by New88 around the late 2000s and early 2010s, VAR technology was put to the test. The first application of this technology to a professional football match took place in August 2016 at an American friendly match.

Then, in early 2017, this technology was officially widely used in international tournaments and top-class football playgrounds. Specifically, Var appeared in the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and in Russia at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This is a new development in applying modern technology to sports matches.

Outstanding advantages of Var technology in sports

After getting the hang of itWhat is Var technology?Next, New88 will reveal to you the great advantages according to expert reviews. Details are:

  • Referee support: Var is an effective tool to help referees observe situations and make the fairest decisions.
  • Reduce arguments: The outcome of situations will be decided based on images and videos, thus avoiding disagreements.
  • Ensuring fairness: In addition, this technology also ensures absolute fairness and transparency for the match.

What are the common cases where Var technology is used?

This technology is extremely useful in sports matches and is used in special situations. Detail:

When there is controversy or protest about a goal

This technology plays an extremely important role, especially in situations where goals are scored and there is opposition from the opponent. Var will help the referee to monitor the entire situation leading up to the goal. At the same time, errors such as good touch or offside are also clearly displayed. Therefore, the referee can carefully consider the situation and make an absolutely safe final decision.
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Penalty kick situation

What is the application of Var technology? It is also used in the case of intervention and determination of penalty kicks by the parties. The referee often carefully reviews the ball situation, detects errors in order to make an accurate final judgment on the team receiving a penalty. Thanks to this technology, all situations are guaranteed to be fair, without affecting the interests of either side.

Caught a red card

For violent acts that seriously affect the player’s psychology and health, the referee needs to review the situation to make a decision to issue a red card. All developments and situations of serious violations will be clearly recorded. Technology will certainly be extremely useful if this situation occurs.

Why not make the right decision – what is the use of Var technology?

Cases where the referee makes a mistake are very likely to happen in real matches. Because humans cannot observe the entire match at a time, the problem of making inaccurate judgments is also common. That’s why Var technology was introduced and used to limit mistakes, help referees correct wrong decisions as well as ensure fairness.

Parties participating in the match have the right to request a review of the situation if they have questions about the decision made by the referee. This is the great use of this technology, so it is increasingly used commonly at international football matches.

The above article has shared with you information about what Var technology is and related interesting things. If members want to update other interesting news, please quickly visit the New88 website.

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