How to Catch Single Lottery Players 100% Accurately From Experts

For those of you who are connoisseurs of lottery betting, surely the concept of single lottery is no longer too strange, right? This is a concept that is quite commonly used in the field of lottery betting. However, for many new players, surely the concept of single-player lottery is still quite strange. Understanding that, in this article, bookmaker New88today will help you understand more about this concept, as well as share with you a few ways to catch the lottery with 100% accuracy. Let’s follow along!

What is the concept of single player lottery?

Single lotteries are also known by many brothers by another name, Bach Thu lotteries. But in general, no matter the name, this is also one of the ways to play lottery in which the player can only “single” 1 single number in 1 lottery. If that number comes back, you win; otherwise, if that number doesn’t come back, you fail.

At first glance, this gameplay seems simple. However, to be able to play the lottery most effectively, it requires participants to have a strong mentality, steadfast spirit and extremely good judgment.

Advantages and disadvantages of single player

The biggest advantage of single-player lottery is probably that the gameplay is relatively simple, but the winning rate is much higher than playing double-player lottery. With this advantage, the capital you spend will be relatively small, so the risk you receive will also be relatively low. However, just because the amount of capital you forgo is small doesn’t mean the profits you receive are not attractive!

In addition to the above outstanding advantages, single player lottery also has many disadvantages that players need to pay attention to. One of the biggest disadvantages of this genre is probably the extremely high possibility of “bad luck”. Because, in one lottery day, you will only be able to play one single lottery number, so your chance is only one chance of winning or missing!

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Some ways to catch lottery scammers with 100% accuracy

After learning what single-player lottery is, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this form. If you are still wondering how to play single lottery to get the most benefit, then please refer to our 100% accurate ways to catch single lottery players!

Based on special prize

With this method of catching the winning numbers, you will rely on the results of the special prize in the previous day’s drawing. Then, separate those lots and choose for yourself the one that you think has the highest chance of exploding.

For example: yesterday’s special prize was: 248258, we will separate the numbers 24, 48, 82, 25 and 58. Among these 5 numbers, you will have to choose the number that you think is likely to win. highest to raise tomorrow.

Based on dumb head and tail

For this way of playing, you must first track the results of the lottery table within 1 week. After that, you will find for yourself the exact numbers through the fixed rules of silent heads and tails such as:

  • The mute ends of 9 are 92, 95 and 99
  • The silent ends of 8 are 80, 82, 88 and 89
  • The silent ends of 7 are 70, 71, 75 and 77
  • The silent endings of 0 are 00, 20 and 80
  • The silent endings of 4 are 44, 64 and 84
  • The silent endings of 6 are 06, 16, 56 and 66
  • ……..

After you have found the exact number for yourself through the rule of dumb head and tail, you only need to raise it according to the 3-day frame. Surely that lottery will come back!


With the above article, bookmaker  New88 has joined you to answer the question of what is a lottery player, as well as share with you a few ways to catch lottery players with 100% accuracy. Hopefully this article has brought you really useful information. If you still have problems, then follow us to learn more interesting knowledge about lottery!

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